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Honda CL175 1972 redbug2 Pottstown, PA I may just get this one going.  
Honda CB750K 1976 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Automatic bike, not sure why I picked this one up.... View
Honda MR175 1975 redbug2 Pottstown PA Bought another MR175, not as nice as my first, but it runs well... It was green, but somebody painted it red. Not the original Fenders. View
Honda XR80 1982 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Bought another XR80, this one nees work but everything is there. Happy with purchase. View
Honda XR80 1979 redbug2 Pottstown PA Has XL75 Engine, For sale.  
Honda Z50K1 1969 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Runs well, smokes a lot, tank needs some work.  
Honda CB160 1965 redbug2 As purchased, probably will just use for parts.  
Honda CB175 1972 redbug2 Pottstown, PA

A little rough, but its all there...

Honda CT70H 1972 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Created this bike out of a bunch of extra parts. 4 speed, runs ok. Not sure what I will do with it.  
Honda EZ90 1990 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Picked this up, was totally neglected.... Running now, has carb issues... Neat bike.  
Honda MR250 1976 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Waiting to pick it up from OH View
Honda MR175 1976 redbug2 Pottstown PA In very good shape, 900 Miles on it.  
Honda CB350F 1972 redbug2 PA Very rough, but I got it running... Last 4 carb bike I want to work on...    
Jawa TS350E 1973 redbug2 Pottstown, PA 689 miles, left outside, rusty, many good parts. Have un-froze engine, will get it running and consider restoring it. View
Triumph T100 1967 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Needs a lot of work. View
Yamaha BW80 1986 redbug2 PA Picked up on ebay, New top end installed, runs great.  
Yamaha IT400 1979 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Purchased a truckload of parts, will see if I can make it a bike. View
Yamaha XS2 1972 redbug2 My High School Bike, no longer with me.  
Yamaha BW80 redbug2 Pottstown, PA SOLD: Just picked this bike up. Came with an extra parts bike. Runs, but needs rings. View
Yamaha BW80 redbug2 Another parts bike that I may get going.  
Yamaha CR80 1984 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Almost junk, but most of it is there, missing cables and seat. Has an extra engine. Listing it in the Classified area.  
Yamaha RD200C 1976 redbug2 PA Runs good.  
Yamaha MX125A 1974 redbug2 Pottstown PA SOLD: Ugly bike, painted green by previous owner... Runs, needs some work.  
Yamaha BW80 redbug2 Pottstown, PA Picked up another BW80, a real junker, going to try to fix it up. View