Restoration Project


SL70 Restoration

Presented by redbug2


Bike is in decent shape. Original Tires. Needs a seat cover. Engine almost done.    2008-12-13 06:05:41 Pulled off Duct Tape, a sticky mess. Will need to fix seals and replace dust covers.    2009-03-09 07:43:54 Wire brushed the muffler, put in new baffle and painted it black.    2009-03-09 07:38:17 Engine Completed, Now I need to work on the frame.    2009-03-09 07:37:40 Engine on   2009-03-14 11:02:16
Intake valve was shot, first intake valve that has ever failed on one of my hondas... Had to replace head with CT70 head.    2009-10-18 07:26:22 Running well now, new points helped. Still have a few more itmes to get.    2009-10-18 07:24:59

Log Entries

Work Start Date: 2008-12-29  Work End Date 2008-12-29
Title: Ordered New PistonHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Already had a new piston, but it was cheaper to buy the piston and rings, so I bought both.

Work Start Date: 2009-01-18  Work End Date 2009-01-18
Title: Putting engine together...Hours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Work Start Date: 2009-03-08  Work End Date 2009-03-08
Title: Cleaned up MufflerHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Wire brushed muffler and put in the baffle. Spray painted it black.

Work Start Date: 2009-02-25  Work End Date 2009-02-25
Title: Finished assembling engine.Hours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Its been about 20 years since I rebuilt a 70 transmission, simpler than I remembered it. Went together well.

Work Start Date: 2009-03-09  Work End Date 2009-03-09
Title: Started on FrameHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Cleaned up the frame, I am not going to paint it.

Title: Put Engine Back on.Hours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Decided to just clean the bike and leave it as is. For being over 38 years old it is in fairly good shape. Would like to keep it somewhat original.

Started fixing the crappy repairs that were done by the past owner, put in a better pair of brake shoes, removed american thread hardware. Cleaned rim and swingarm.

Title: Got the TitleHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Sent previous owner (not the original owner) a self addressed stamped envelope for the title. He sent it to me which was a good thing. It was not notarized but at least I have it. Somewhere somone will be able to transfer it...?

Title: Purchased the BikeHours: 3 Cost: $300.00
Work Descrption: Bought the bike in a package deal, I believe I paid about $275.00 for it, plus about $25 in fuel picking it up.

Work Start Date: 2009-05-24  Work End Date 2009-05-24
Title: Worked on SeatHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Worked on the seat. Received new seat cover. Took old seat apart. Found that there were some cracks in the seat pan... Welded cracks with MIG welder... Also reinforced bracket to pan. Will treat with rust preventer and repaint. Must also find replacement rivets for cover.

Work Start Date: 2009-09-05  Work End Date 2009-09-05
Title: Got it runningHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Was looking for a new throttle cable, but I found that the original was in working condition, not great, but working.. Cleaned up points and it started right up! Linked up a new chain and put that on. Started it and drove it up the driveway, it then lost power.... I think the points and condensore are shot, ordered new ones.

Work Start Date: 2009-09-26  Work End Date 2009-09-26
Title: More ProblemsHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Bought new points and condensor... New points did not fit. Soldered in new condensor and got my spark back. Started it up and not much power. Noticed it was firing back from the carb... Intake valve must be shot... Interesting that it worked well for a short while and then lost its seal... Will get on it soon...

 Ran WD40 down cables. Freed them up nicely. They look old but work well. 

Work Start Date: 2009-10-18  Work End Date 2009-10-18
Title: Replaced HeadHours: 3 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Intake valve was burnt... Replaced head with CT70 head. Also replaced points. Running very well now. Also Did some cleaning.

To Do Entries

Title: Clean, Paint, and put on Chain GuardHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Purchased guard, now have to put it on.

Title: Put Rivets on SeatHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Need to find a match on the original rivets and put them on.

Total Cost: $300.00    Total Hours: 20

Parts Wanted

Desired Cost
Date Entered
Part Description
Tail LightFrame$5.00 2009-03-09Looking for a tail light, I may stay with the one I have, it has a break in the rear plate.
KeyFrame$5.00 2009-03-09Will need to find a key that matches the number.
Dust Caps.Frame$0.00 2009-10-18Need some dust caps.
BootAir Filter$0.00 2009-10-18Need rubber boot between air filter and carburator.

Parts Purchased

Date Entered
Part Description
Seat CoverFrame$25.00 2009-05-30Need a new seat cover. (Found on Ebay)
Piston and RingsEngine$30.00 2009-09-15Purchased a new piston and rings from Taiwan.
Points and CondensorEngine$15.00 2009-09-15Got points and condensor.
FloatCarburator$25.00 2010-08-13

Purchased float from SL70 Focused website.

Chain CoverFrame$20.00 2009-10-20Purchased a chain cover from ebay. Will need to be painted but it looks ok.

Total Cost: $115.00