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Yamaha 250 Big Bear Scrambler

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Before, pistons were stuck with surface rust in the cylinder, not that bad, honed cylinders lightly to clean it up.   2007-11-03 09:51:58 Muffler mount busted on left side, need to fabricate a new mount.   2007-11-04 09:43:08 Metal found for new bracket   2007-11-04 09:43:45 Rough grinding, bastard file on hole slot.   2007-11-04 09:45:14 Piece cust, holes drilled   2007-11-04 09:44:24
Mig welded on Frame.   2007-11-04 09:46:18 Cylinders sandblasted   2007-11-04 09:41:32 Cylinders Painted, new rings put on bike.   2007-11-04 09:42:17

Log Entries

Title: Got StartedHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Found this bike on craigslist. It was in decent shape, engine was locked, but the chrome looked good.

Title: Unstuck and New rings. Hours: 4 Cost: $1.00
Work Descrption:

Took the head off and the cylinders looked ok, a little bit of surface rust but WD40 fixed that. Pistons came out with a small tap with the wooden end of a hammer. Honed the cylinders and added new rings.

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Total Cost: $1.00    Total Hours: 6

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