Restoration Project


Jawa TS350 1973 Functional Restoration

Presented by redbug2


Pulled this out of a local salvage yard, I don I have soaked the pistons with penetrating oil for months and was able to knock them out... Now looking for some rings...   2007-03-23 04:17:30 Missing front headlight, front turn signals and a few other things, but most of it is there. All cables work.   2007-03-23 04:18:56 View of Kickstart and Shifter all in one   2007-03-24 08:42:08 Engine back together   2009-08-21 11:44:21
Under 700 miles, what a shame they left it outside uncovered......   2007-03-23 04:15:20 Machined a new wrist pin bushing out of a tractor wrist pin   2009-08-21 11:42:51 Yes, heads on.   2009-08-21 11:44:56 Its running! Jumped electrical with 6volt tractor battery.   2009-08-21 11:45:56 Left Side   2009-08-24 07:12:45
Right Side after cleaning it a little.    2009-08-24 07:12:15

Log Entries

Work Start Date: 2007-11-12  Work End Date 2007-11-12
Title: Purchased BikeHours: 2 Cost: $100.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Knocked out the pistonsHours: 4 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Thankfully the pistons were up above the ports. Used penetrating oil for months and then knocked out the pistons... Was able to get some of the rings loose, then I busted one, so I decided to stop the project....

Work Start Date: 2009-08-10  Work End Date 2009-08-10
Title: Cleaned up pistonsHours: 1 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Cleaned up pistons, removed rings. Going to get it running. Project back on.

Work Start Date: 2009-08-16  Work End Date 2009-08-16
Title: More Engine WorkHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Started putting needle bearings in top of connecting rod. Wire brushed a lot of the rusty chrome then spray painted it with chrome paint. Looks pretty good. Still need to machine a new connecting rod bearing retainer ring. Soaked bottom end with oil.

Work Start Date: 2009-08-20  Work End Date 2009-08-20
Title: Put engine back togetherHours: 3 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Took a long time to put the engine back together... Most difficult 2 stroke I have ever worked on... Needle bearings on wrist pin are free, had to make steel pin to hold in place, then pushed wrist pin through.. Also 3 rings per piston.... Got it together... Had to machine a new wrist pin bushing out of a tractor wrist pin. Used tool post grinder on lathe to do the job, then surface grinder for final width finishing.

Work Start Date: 2009-08-21  Work End Date 2009-08-21
Title: Got it runningHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Used a 6 volt battery to test electrical, most of it worked, ignition switch worked the lights but not the ignition system... Hot wired coils and it started! Runs ok considering con-rod is not great on right cylinder. Smoked, oil left over from soaking. A good day.

To Do Entries

Total Cost: $100.00    Total Hours: 14

Parts Wanted

Desired Cost
Date Entered
Part Description
Connecting Rod BearingEngine$30.00 2009-08-22Need a connecting rod bearing, whatever parts they are...?

Parts Purchased

Date Entered
Part Description
Piston RingsEngine$75.00 2009-08-10Ordered new piston rings from Australia.

Total Cost: $75.00