Restoration Project


XL70 Restoration

Presented by redbug2


The Starting Point   2011-01-08 07:02:14 Some detailing while the engine is still in the frame.    2011-06-26 05:41:27 Getting closer to being finished.   2011-06-27 07:20:01 Right Side   2011-07-11 07:32:57 Left Side   2011-07-11 07:33:17

Log Entries

Title: Purchased BikeHours: 0 Cost: $150.00
Work Descrption: Purchased bike at 2010 Mid Ohio Vintage motorcycle days. Transported it home for Ohio to Eastern Pennsylvania. Purchased some parts while at the swap.

Title: Lots of cleaning and paintingHours: 5 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Powder coated a few parts. Also painted some other parts.

To Do Entries

Title: Coat Gas TankHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Must etch and coat gas tank.

Title: Switch out Rear hubHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Must take good rear tire and put on good rear hub.

Title: Get a titleHours: 0 Cost: $200.00
Work Descrption:

Go through broadway title of friends to get title.

Total Cost: $350.00    Total Hours: 5

Parts Wanted
Desired Cost
Date Entered
Part Description

Parts Purchased

Date Entered
Part Description
Rear Rim and HubFrame$20.00 2010-08-11Purchased rear hub and rim at swap meet.
Hand LeversHandlebars$15.00 2010-08-11Purchased hand levers at the swap.
Side CoversFrame$50.00 2010-08-11Purchased on ebay.
Lever CoversHandlebars$15.00 2010-08-11Purchased covers for handlebar levers
Kick Stand SpringFrame$4.00 2010-08-11
Seat CoverFrame$25.00 2011-06-26Must purchase a nice seat cover
Heat DiffuserExhaust$13.79 2011-06-26Heat Shield
Kick RubberEngine$2.15 2011-06-26
Hand GripHandlebars$5.93 2011-06-26
Air FilterAir Filter$5.07 2011-06-26
Dust Covers and SelasFront Forks$27.00 2011-06-26
Peg RubbersFoot Pegs$18.14 2011-06-26
Spark Plug Under Seat WrenchTools$6.00 2011-06-26

Total Cost: $207.08