Restoration Project


Home Made Motorcycle

Presented by redbug2


First Flywheel attempt   2010-02-02 06:53:01 Second one right on the 4 jaw chuck, no threaded tie down holes..    2010-02-02 06:55:04 Turning it on a faceplate with threaded holes as tie down.    2010-02-02 06:53:42 First one done, 5" diameter   2010-02-02 06:54:15 Two Flywheels ready.   2010-02-02 06:55:34
First attempt at crankshaft journal   2010-02-05 07:06:33 Cutting the connecting rod journal into the flywheels   2010-04-26 07:19:07 Putting the crank together... 12 lbs.. Heavy.    2010-05-02 09:29:40 Pully side of crankshaft started   2010-02-07 11:23:37 Took some mass off of connecting rod.   2010-02-18 07:24:05
Trying to cut a connecting rod out of solid aluminum.   2010-02-02 06:56:12 Made a custom boring bar, still, too much chatter   2010-03-19 07:17:59 Final attempt at a boring bar, eliminating adjustable boring head, going right into quill directly.    2010-03-19 07:18:53 Trying to bore a cylinder on a bridgeport mill.... Too much chatter...   2010-03-19 07:17:03 Measuring inside diameter for piston and ring sizing.   2010-03-31 12:27:14
Second attempt at a cylinder   2010-03-31 12:26:35 Setting up Divider to cut cam gear.    2010-02-02 06:56:45 First 32 tooth cam gear attempt. It may work?    2010-02-02 06:57:20 Cut a little off center, oh well....   2010-02-02 06:57:51 Beginning of block   2010-02-22 09:47:47
Side view of block   2010-02-22 09:48:17 Test Fit of Crankshaft, connecting rod, and block.    2010-05-06 12:12:08 Cylinder added to block.   2010-05-13 01:13:48 Cylinder added to block.    2010-05-13 01:13:10 Casing Bolts and cylinder Studs mounted.   2010-05-26 11:17:29
Decided to make an aluminum metal casting furnace to make the casings.    2011-10-02 08:54:01

Log Entries

Work Start Date: 2010-01-10  Work End Date 2010-01-10
Title: Started ProjectHours: 0 Cost: $50.00
Work Descrption: Goal is to build a one cylinder motorcycle like an old harly or other old bikes loosely based on the De-Dion Bouton engine. Have found some metal stock in a used metal yard and began to assemble it.... No telling if it will work, but its worth a try.

Title: Finished CamshaftHours: 4 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Made jig to cut lobe on camshaft and then cut the camshaft properly

Work Start Date: 2010-02-18  Work End Date 2010-02-18
Title: Worked on BlockHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Worked on a cylindrical block... Cut it out of an old fire extinguisher. Used surface grinder to get it right.

Work Start Date: 2010-02-20  Work End Date 2010-02-22
Title: Finished rough cut of blockHours: 4 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Cut the square block sides into circles, also cut groove in side casings. Center block cut to size.

To Do Entries

Title: Make PistonHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Bore CylinderHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Make Crankshaft Hours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Finish Connecting RodHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Make crank GearHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Make lower Con Rod JournalHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Make Wrist pinHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Title: Make Cylinder HeadHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Total Cost: $50.00    Total Hours: 10

Parts Wanted

Desired Cost
Date Entered
Part Description
Spark PlugEngine$0.00 2010-02-02Want an old fashioned spark plug.

Parts Purchased

Date Entered
Part Description
SealEngine$5.40 2010-02-19Purchased 1" ID, 1.5" OD seal
Piston RingsEngine$25.00 2010-07-22Purchased custom piston rings from Very helpful vendor. Will cut piston to fit the rings.

Total Cost: $30.40