Restoration Project


XR80 1982, Quick Clean up.

Presented by redbug2


Right side, after muffler was cleaned up and painted   2009-08-13 06:51:50 Finished   2011-07-07 08:21:42

Log Entries

Work Start Date: 2009-08-07  Work End Date 2009-08-07
Title: Purchased BIkeHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Purchased bike in NE Philadelphia, adding 20 for fuel.

Work Start Date: 2009-08-09  Work End Date 2009-08-09
Title: Painted MufflerHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Painted muffler, had to remove shield, screws rusted in. Had to head up and re-weld one nut back on. Sprayed with heat paint.

 Analyzed engine, will need at least a new cam chain.

Title: Worked on EngineHours: 2 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Took Engine apart, rings probably are bad. Cam Chain shot. Removed lower seal and snaked cam chain out. Started to Clean Engine.

Title: Got parts, put engine togetherHours: 4 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Bought cam chain. Put it in. Was able to put it in through the bottom seal openingand did not have to split the engine.

 Spent a lot of time with dremel and wire wheel removing mud stains off of fins. 

 Runs good, need to fix fuel leak. Also found that front axle spacer was missing, go figure... 

To Do Entries

Total Cost: $0.00    Total Hours: 10

Parts Wanted
Desired Cost
Date Entered
Part Description

Parts Purchased

Date Entered
Part Description
Cam ChainEngine$20.00 2010-08-07Will need a new cam chain.
Head GasketEngine$5.00 2010-08-07
Piston RingsEngine $0.00 2010-11-03Piston rings were fine and within tolerance, kept the originals which previous owner said he had recently replaced.
Crankshaft SealEngine $8.00 2010-11-03
Skid PlateFrame$23.00 2010-11-03

Found nice skid plate on ebay, $15 purchased it, got it, wife threw it out...

Got another one, $8. Must clean it up, paint it,  and put it on. 

Cam Shaft Upper SprocketEngine$10.00 2010-11-03Cam chain sprocket was not great, would have worked, but decided to replace with new.

Total Cost: $66.00