Restoration Project


Harley Davidson XLXR Resoration

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1977 XLCR Cafe Racer   2014-07-24 02:02:12 XLCR    2014-07-24 02:04:54 XLCR pieces   2014-07-24 02:05:20 XLCR    2014-07-24 02:05:46 Engine   2014-07-24 02:11:43
Engine   2014-07-24 02:32:04 Engine   2014-07-24 02:32:27 Engine   2014-07-24 02:32:48 Cylinder   2014-07-24 02:33:09 Head   2014-07-24 02:33:31
Heads   2014-07-24 02:33:45 Stripping frame   2014-07-29 01:32:33 removed snaps   2014-11-28 12:47:00 prepped   2014-11-28 12:45:31 frame in cage   2014-11-28 12:43:34
Triple tree on.   2015-06-19 10:44:48 Fabricated tool   2015-06-19 06:38:34 Fabricated tool    2015-06-19 06:39:19 Heads rebuilt    2015-06-19 06:39:55 Engine on.    2015-06-25 12:27:15

Log Entries

Title: XLCR 1977Hours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption: Picked up my CR at the Mid Ohio swap meet. I got the bike from a friend . It was in fair shape. Larger parts were on the bike . Lots of parts were in boxes . Many parts were missing . Not being families with the Ironhead Harley I did a lot of reading and certainly got a manual . YouTube is always a good source for really good descriptive info as well.

To Do Entries

Title: Engine rebuildHours: 0 Cost: $0.00
Work Descrption:

Not knowing the engine status I pulled it from the bike . Checked drain plug and found it was stripped . Will need to tap and get oversize drain plug . 

Cylinders and valves appear good . Will need gasket kit , drain plug kit , new set of rings .

Checking cam lobes tomorrow . 

Total Cost: $0.00    Total Hours: 0

Parts Wanted

Desired Cost
Date Entered
Part Description
$0.00 2014-07-24
Crankcase ventEngine$12.95 2014-07-24

Crankcase vent

was not on engine 

Parts Purchased

Date Entered
Part Description
Horn assembly$55.00 2014-07-24
Oil pressure switchEngine$16.66 2014-07-24None came on engine
Starter solenoidEngine$39.69 2014-07-24Cheap item and I want a reliable bike. Plus one with bike had no cover
AMF side cover emblemsChassis$27.03 2014-07-24
Need them for stock look
Air cleaner trimChassis$41.75 2014-07-24Oval 1000 air cleaner cover
Horn cover , reflectors ,end caps, choke leverChassis$78.00 2014-07-24

Group buy . Needed all these items

not cheap 

4turn signalsChassis$42.00 2014-07-24None came with bike . Authentic Harley signals
MirrorsChassis$25.00 2014-07-24Great find . Black Harley mirrors. Found at swap
Carburator Engine$23.50 2014-07-24Spare and was cheap

Total Cost: $348.63